US Cityslicker Elletra: Wise Words from the Good Doctor


One of my favorite authors of all time
is the one known for his ability to rhyme.
Dr. Seuss made reading so entertaining,
most children would do it without complaining.

Credits: elletra

His rhyming words and whimsical illustrations
heightened the ability of every child’s imagination.
And of all the books he’s written and wrote,
Oh, the Places You’ll Go! is the one on which I dote.

Credits: elletra

It taught me at times I might be alone.
But also at times, I may learn that I’ve grown.
I know that if I want to travel a path farther,
I might have to try, try, and try harder.
It taught me that in life there will be times when I’ve waited.
But also that time can pass unabated.
I’ve learned that some problems are unavoidable, it’s true.
But solving them can be quite enjoyable too.
With brains in my head and feet on my shoes
I can move mountains, if I so choose.

Credits: elletra

In all seriousness, I’ll set rhyming aside.
For these books I still read, and read with great pride.
And though my collection of his books have shrunken and shrank,
for my introduction to the good doctor, it’s my parents I’d like to thank.
For their patience of reading the same stories night after night
has instilled in me the urge to read more and write.

Credits: elletra

I hope that you’ve liked my short tribute, and liked it a lot.
I know I said I’d stop rhyming, but it seems I forgot.

written by elletra on 2012-09-24 #art #cat #books #lifestyle #story #book #hat #doctor #stories #rhyme #elletra #seuss #cityslicker #dr-seuss #rhyming

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