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2012-09-28 1

Are you in love with your mobile phone? Well, we found that us Lomographers aren’t quite as tied to technology as you might have guessed. In the recent TIME Magazine Mobility poll, 24% of respondents said they could not go longer than 1 hour without their mobile; in contrast, only 5% of Lomographers said that this was the case for them. Read on for more details from the ‘Analogue, Digital and You’ Survey!

Interestingly, whilst 57% of Lomographers said that being constantly connected through technology is helpful, 65% stated they would like to take a break from technology more often and 51% admitted they feel a little addicted to digital technology. Perhaps a sign of being a little addicted, 14% of us said we’d be nervous without our mobile phone, 17% said we’d be anxious and 19% said we’d feel disorientated – On the other hand, 13% said they’d be relieved to have forgotten their phone at home!

Unsurprisingly, we’re as plugged in with digital trends as the rest of the population, perhaps even more so. 98% of Lomographers own a mobile phone and 51% admit to surfing the internet a lot every day. This compares to only 11% who shoot analogue photos a lot every day, 14% who read magazines and newspapers a lot every day, and 16% who read books a lot every day. But Lomographers aren’t TV junkies – Only 7% of us watch TV a lot every day.

In general, the survey participants said that communication technology has improved their work/life balance; 64% said this was true for them. In addition, 76% of people said that communication technology has made their day-to-day life easier and 53% said that it had improved life in their country in general. But notably, when asked whether communication technology has made their life better, only 38% of respondents said that this was true for them.

So what are your thoughts on the role technology plays in our lives? Is it a good or bad thing? Would you like to take a break from digital every so often? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Please Note: The statistics shown here are based on the results of the Lomography Analogue, Digital and You questionnaire. There were 5676 replies to the questionnaire and participants from 82 countries.

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  1. stratski
    stratski ·

    Wow. It's official: I'm a minority. (No mobile phone.)

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