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So who is the ‘average’ Lomographer? In turns out 50% of us are between 20 and 30 years old and 86% own at least one Lomography camera. But of course, who only cares about the averages! We’re thrilled that over 10% of Lomographers are over 40 years old and close to 20% are under 19! It’s also great to see how many die-hard analogue fans there are; nearly 1 in 5 of respondents own more than 5 Lomography cameras! Read on for more information from the Analogue, Digital & You Survey.

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One of the great things to see as part of the Analogue, Digital and You questionnaire. was that there are Lomographers of all ages from across the world in the community! 16% of respondents to the survey were 19 or under, exactly 50% were in their 20s, 22% were in their 30s and 12% were 40+ years old.

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We had 5676 responses to the questionnaire in total and there was a fairly even split between male and female participants; 48% were male and 52% were female. In total, we had responses from people from 82 countries around the world!

86% of respondents own at least one Lomography camera and 14% do not own one. Of those who do own a camera, 31% own just one Lomography camera, 22% own 2 cameras, 15% own 3, 10% own 4 or 5, and 18% own more than 5 cameras!

In terms of shooting habits, the majority of Lomographers (56%) shoot 2 or fewer rolls per month; 40% of people shoot between 3 and 10 rolls, whilst a hardcore minority (4%) shoot more than 10 rolls a month! Two thirds of Lomographers have never developed films in a darkroom. However, it’s great to hear that a quarter of those surveyed have tried developing and printing their own photos once or several times.

And what do we get up to when not shooting analogue? Well, it probably comes as no surprise that Lomographers spend as much time on the net as the rest; 41% admit to spending a lot of time every day on social media sites and even more (51%) say they spend a lot of time each day on the internet in general. But, of course, we balance this use of digital with analogue activities too. 30% of people shoot analogue photos several times a week and nearly the same percentage read books, magazine and newspapers a little every day.

So how do you fit into all this? What are your Lomographic habits? Shout out your in the comments below!

Please Note: The statistics shown here are based on the results of the Lomography Analogue, Digital and You questionnaire. There were 5676 replies to the questionnaire and participants from 82 countries.

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