Analogue, Digital & You: The Garden of Forking Lives


In our recent Analogue, Digital & You Survey, we asked you to imagine living in a world where, at any moment, you only have 2 options available to you. In this world, a decision you take now would forever cut the other option off from you. Read on to find out what decisions Lomographers decided to make in this strange new world!

Should I shoot analogue or digital photography?

Shoot Analogue – 83%
Shoot Digital – 17%

Credits: inkkl

Should I watch TV or read a book?

Watch TV – 21%
Read a book: 79%

Credits: ck_berlin

Should I go on Facebook or meet with friends?

Go on Facebook – 3%
Meet with Friends – 97%

Should I watch live music or watch music clips at home?

Go to a live music event – 89%
Watch music clips at home – 11%

Credits: zenline

Should I buy a book in a Bookshop or buy a book online?

Buy a book in a bookshop – 84%
Buy online – 16%

Credits: madda_lena

Should I play a board game or play an online game?

Play a board game – 76%
Play an online game – 24%

Credits: lakandula

Please Note: The statistics shown here are based on the results of the Lomography Analogue, Digital and You questionnaire. There were 5676 replies to the questionnaire and participants from 82 countries.

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