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2012-10-03 4

You’ve surely noticed lakandula’s absolutely breathtaking SuperSampler doubles. There pretty hard to miss they’re so impressive. How he does it? Find out after the jump.

Credits: lakandula

The truth is I do not think my shooting style is any different from or more outstanding than that of other lomographers says lakandula. But I guess my wild mind, eclectic choice of subjects, my daringness to experiment and take risks, my sense of horror vacui, my Filipino values and Asian sensibilities are partly to blame.

Anyway, let me walk you through some interesting discoveries I made in my quest to push the possibilities for my SuperSampler. Hope you will learn something from my experience and I look forward to your sharing as well.

If you are into multiples using varied cameras, the SuperSampler will complement any 35mm camera of your choice. So abandon your fears and experiment creating doubles with SuperSampler using other cameras in your lomo arsenal. Either you shoot first with it or last, it does not matter as long you know the basic principles of shooting multiples. First, underexpose whenever possible. Your four-lensed wonder comes without an ASA setting and AFAIK, cameras like this will shoot as if ASA is set at 100. If the complementary camera you are using has an ASA/ISO setting, set it a step or two higher than the films ASA whether shooting first with it before the supersampler or the reverse. Second, shoot darker image before the brighter one. Your second image will manifest in the dark part of your first shot. Doing it the other way around (shooting brighter then darker) will simply sacrifice your second shot which is likely to be washed out by the bright areas of your first shot. The point is never to overexpose your shots when doing multiples (not unless that is your creative intention).

Plenty more awesome shots in lakandula’s lomohome. Why don’t you head over, visit and drop him a line or two?

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  1. lawypop
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    One of my fave tips from @lakandula !

  2. lakandula
  3. lakandula
    lakandula ·

    Hey guys, this is just a part of a much longer article I wrote on supersampler multiples. I was told it will be published in segments. This is the first. Thanks.

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