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2012-10-03 2

How do you get a photo like that you ask? jorgesato reveals his secrets and shows us all how to crack the code. All you need is a splitzer and some skill. Read on and find out all about it.

Credits: jorgesato

I would say that the splitzer is an amazing and magical peace of plastic with which you are able to create new worlds and universes just by turning it some degrees. But I must confess, in order to make these ideas come true, it’s not so at random as people usually believe.

It’s a good idea to imagine your world before starting shooting it. How would it be? Unusual proportions? Reflected? No gravity? Crazy? Once you have an image in your head, it’s time to lay the “foundations”.

I love to research some references so that I can have even more possibilities to create the scene. Movies, cartoons, books, trips, Earth etc… everything is raw material. And your mind just goes beyond. Don’t be shy!

Of course, lots of times it doesn’t work out as I first imagined, but no problem! After all, the lomographic way of life is about having fun and experimenting all the time. So, don’t worry about failing and keep dreaming and building your own universe. Your creativity will thank you for sure.

Visit jorgesato’s lomohome for more awesome splitzer images.

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