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All too often we wonder how some of our fellow Lomographers achieve super-fantastic otherwordly results. Thanks to Crack The Code, they reveal their secrets for everyone to appreciate their great technique and fantasy but also to try out for themselves. Let’s see how kylethefrench achieved this great shot.

Credits: kylethefrench

Isn’t that just brilliant? kylethefrench tell us how it’s done in his own words.

I have been enjoying the fun of fiber optic light toys for years but recently an idea hit me like a lightning bolt dead out of the sky.

I have had a couple of different fiber optic toys over my life and every time the base of them just breaks down. This always made me sad because I thought that when the base lights burned out that they were done.

The brilliant idea though was this. What if I just take the fiber optic bundle out of the toy and use a flashlight as the lighting instrument instead of the base? And you wouldn’t know it, but it actually worked! What is even better is that you can put a color gel between the flashlight and the base of the fiber optic bundle to make the bundle tinted with whatever shade you want. The possibilities are endless! Although for this shot its just with the bundle, no gel.

I love it best with a B setting camera in a darkened room. You could do this technique easily with any kind of film camera that has B setting or long exposure function! So you take the fiber optic bundle and place it over the flashlight and gel. Now, it is good to get a glove to wear on the hand that you are using to hold the whole thing that way you can cover up the connection area real well so that flashlight’s light won’t escape and get into your picture. What this does is it gives you many tiny points of dim light instead of the one bright streak of light. You can move the fiber optic bundle around and everywhere it goes, it creates light in the image.

For the very smoky effect, you should use your other gloveless hand to fan out the bundle of light points and always keep them moving in all different ways; this is the key to the smoke.

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  1. webo29
    webo29 ·

    @kylethefrench :)

  2. tamsoam
    tamsoam ·

    didn't get it all but thanks a lot !
    the guy doesn't wear a pant ! :))))) ahahah

  3. stonerfairy
    stonerfairy ·


  4. felipesergio
    felipesergio ·

    Didn´t get the technique too!A bit confused...

  5. lauwrrra
    lauwrrra ·

    cool! but I don't really understand ^^

  6. schlogoat
    schlogoat ·

    Ace, can't wait to try it. I have a couple of those fiber optic bundles, knew they would come in handy one day!

  7. 134340
    134340 ·

    i'm a fan of his brilliant light works!

  8. guicho-nunez
    guicho-nunez ·

    NICE!, you should do a video tutorial or some images of yr wierd device :D

  9. tere
    tere ·

    I don't really understand...
    A bit confused for me too

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