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2012-09-24 1

My photography experience started out with a little piece of jewel, the Olympus Pen EE-2. It was my father’s camera, which used for photograph his moments of militar time. It’s a great little camera!

In 1988, when I went to the military service along with my twin brother, my father lent us his Olympus. During that time we were responsible of the photo lab, and that camera allowed us to record the varied experiences we suffered in the Special Operations Group.

After a few years, I thought that camera was lost. I had not seen him and didn’t know what had become of my Olympus. But few months ago talking about it with my father told me he had saved it! I was excited to see the camera but, even more when he said he’d give it to me.

I was very disappointed to shoot it and realised that it was damaged, but was solved thanks to my friend, Lomographer Mery, who gave me the address of a store in Madrid that manages and fixes all types of cameras. And that’s it! They left me the camera as new, perfect inside, and I left out beautiful. I show three photos that were saved with the camera malfunctioning.

I can’t say Olympus Pen EE-2 is my favorite camera, but almost! It’s the fastest I have, do not even need to focus, just push the button. It has an f/3.5 lens and 28 mm., Although in practice it is not real, 28 mm would be if the frame was complete (24×36), but to divide it (Half-Frame), it becomes a 40 mm. approx. Also, I like its robustness and comfort of its small size (like the LC-A). I appreciate the ease to create sequential scenarios and stories, as divided by the frame (18×24mm), which of course, doubles the number of pictures on a reel. Although, sometimes, it makes you so long to shoot 72 times before seeing the results. But remember! When composing sequences you must do it from left to right (note to the clueless lol).

It is a two-speed camera, if you select the ISO (25 to 400), it runs at a speed of 1/200 and the other is to select the diaphragms speed (3.5 to 22) or flash mode is 1/40. Note that you DON’T need battery.

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  1. sankarvasudha
    sankarvasudha ·

    I just uploaded an album that I shot with the Olympus Pen! I absolutely love your photos!

    Check it out here :) www.lomography.com/homes/sankarvasudha/albums/1960224-dream…

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