Create Yourself a Diana Mini Splitzer

2012-09-21 4

Do you own a precious little Diana Mini and have you ever dreamed of shooting with a splitzer? Well I have the perfect thing for you!

Hello and welcome to the DIY-Diana-Mini-Splitzer-Tipster! You will be shown how to create your own splitzer for your Diana Mini in just a few simple steps. Are you ready?

Credits: rancliffhasenza

Step 1:
All you need is a pair of scissors, a cap of a film capsule and of course your Diana Mini. Watch out! Use the correct cap, there are different ones. Use the one that’s on the picture!

Step 2:
Grab the scissors and cut the cap in half.

Step 3:
Just put it on the lens of the Diana Mini. It won’t fall off the lens, because it matches the size of it :)

And there you go! Your very own Diana-Mini-Splitzer. If you feel like it you can cut the cap in other shapes, here’s an example:

Now load your Diana Mini and enjoy shooting some awesome pictures with your self made splitzer! Here are some of my results:

Credits: rancliffhasenza

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