Dream of Africa: My Diana on the Beach

2012-09-24 3

Last week, I went to the Lomography Gallery Store in Milan to withdraw the scan of my 120 film roll that I used this summer in Tunisia inside my Diana F+ camera. Great photos…with a great surprise!

I love my Diana F+. Light, easy to use, dreamy images…and this time there is a great surprise on my photos! Well, let’s begin! This summer, I stayed in Tunisia for a week, in the town of Skanes, a touristic zone near Monastir. I used three Lomo cameras: my old and trusty Lomo LC-A, a Smena 8m, and the Diana. With my LC-A, I took many photos of the city of Monastir and its Bourghiba Mausoleum, as I have written in a previous article.

Credits: sirio174

But on the beach, I used mainly my Diana instead, to exploit its dreamy effects of color aberration and distortion. As you can see, the images are awesome, with vivid and surreal tones! But if you see the upper part of the images, you’ll notice that there are tracks of the number printed on the film paper!

Credits: sirio174

This is an unexpected and pleasant effect! Dreaming of Africa, dreamy colors, and the big surprise of the numbers! Maybe this is due to the fact that I stayed here during a very hot week (with temperatures often above 40 degrees Celsius…) which partially damaged the paper, releasing some ink on the negative! Or there is another cause? Can someone explain to me the cause of this effect?

Credits: sirio174

The beach is very good, with beautiful sand and very clear sea! The water was wonderful, especially in these hot days! There were many activities like beach volley, darts, rafting, parachute.

Credits: sirio174

In the last photos you can see on the background, the Marina of the city of Monastir:

Credits: sirio174

I love Tunisia!

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  1. minchi
    minchi ·

    A volte capita se sono stati usati rulli scaduti

  2. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    @minchi ... rullino nuovo! veramente strano!

  3. minchi
    minchi ·

    Boh! Allora magari come dici c'era tanto caldo e la carta ha aderito troppo al negativo impressionando i numeri sullo stesso

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