The LomoMap Behind the Scene at photokina 2012


We were browsing around for photokina 2012 news, and guess what we found. Lomography’s LomoMap is on YouTube! Check out this video about the LomoMap and what Lomography is offering at photokina 2012.

I know the video is in German, but they’re basically talking about Lomography, theLomoMap and Lomography’s Analogue Circus at photokina 2012.

Want to see more? Well, this is all we could get for now, but stay tuned to the magazine for the latest and greatest from Photokina 2012.

Are you heading to Photokina this year? Show us some of the photos from the events here in the comments, or submit a tip on exciting photography news by emailing us.

written by ilkadj on 2012-09-19 #news #videos #video #photokina #youtube #lomomap #photokina-2012

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