The Making of the LomoMap at photokina 2012


You might be wondering how we took that massive LomoMap all the way from Vienna (where our HQ is) to Cologne, Germany. Well, Here’s a whole gallery dedicated to the making of the LomoMap at Cologne’s main train station square.

The map is a map of Germany with a size of 1000 m² that consists of 170,000 analog images. The whole map was divided into 1560 Lomo panels, which is a pretty big number if you have to put them together. But all of the hardwork paid off once you see the extraordinary result. Every city on the map is represented by images of the attractions, places and people from the 138 regions Germany has. Some of you might be the lucky ones to have your pictures chosen!

Note: These are the first analogue shots of photokina 2012, hand delivered to the lab here in Vienna and processed in under an hour to fulfill your analogue needs.

Want to see more? Well, this is all we could get for now, but stay tuned to the magazine for the latest and greatest from Photokina 2012.

Are you heading to Photokina this year? Show us some of the photos from the events here in the comments, or submit a tip on exciting photography news by emailing us.

written by ilkadj on 2012-09-19 #news #photokina #cologne #making-of #lomomap #photokina-2012 #main-train-station

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