Sunset Strip Goes E-6

2012-09-19 5

We received a lot of feedback from our Lomo-friends asking what the Lomography Color X-Pro Sunset Strip film would look like when processed with E-6 chemicals. So here are some shots to relieve you of your curiosity.

If you’re wondering what E-6 is, here’s a brief explanation:

E-6 is a chemical cocktail used for processing colour slide film (also known as ‘reversal’ or ‘transparency’ film). You will get slides as a result of this type of processing. Think of slides as the slides that your grandparents used for slide projectors to bore everyone with their photos from their last vacation!

If however you run a slide film through C-41 chemicals (intended for color negative film), the results are shocking (in a good way!!). The entire color balance and contrast level of your images is thrown out of whack. Photos turn out saturated or with high contrast and you might get all kinds of other unexpected results as well! Different slide films have different characteristics when cross-processed. Some turn out more yellow or more green while others turn purple or red.

When cross-processing Lomography Color X-Pro Sunset Strip 100 35mm film the darker your subject the more bombastic your shots turns out.

Get experimenting Lomographers and in the meantime, here’s some E-6 processed Sunset Strip photos as per your request.

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  1. doubleagent19
    doubleagent19 ·

    What film resembles Sunset Strip x-pro the most, I really have not found one that resembles it,
    example: lomgraphy's chrome was kodaks elite chrome

  2. stratski
    stratski ·

    Hmmm, I prefer this film crossed, I guess...

  3. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    Me too!

  4. polarhei
    polarhei ·

    May be a bad idea since it is in Crimson-tone already.

  5. istionojr
    istionojr ·

    wow that's really great article! but I think it's still clearly visible that the grain come up. anyway, why this article published in lifestyle instead of reviews?

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