Pentax MX and Earl Grey: an Explosive Couple!

2012-09-24 1

Pentax MX is a great camera, an old splendor that does not want to be forgotten. Matched with a Lomo Earl Grey 100 ISO film and with a good old 50mm lens the result will be really impeccable!

Pentax MX is a totally manual reflex camera, sold around ’70s. Since that period of time I can say that it became a real “must”: its extreme functionality is also connected to the fact it is functioning without batteries too. Ok, apart from the LED light meter visible from the viewfinder, whereof you can get along without if you are smart enough.

It was born with a very bright 50mm f/1.7 lens, with a terribly sharp and precise focusing system and suitable for any circumstance: it never let me down! Slim, quite light, very handy and the sound of its mirror when closing is really amazing, letting the lomographer relishing the moment impressed on the silver nitrates.

Well, if you take this fantastic camera and you combine it with a fresh Earl Grey 100 ISO the result is assured. With a very strong contrast, differences between light and dark zones are really pronounced and tones are warm and enchanting.

The following photos are taken during a very bright sunny day, but even in low light situations the result is always good.

Earl Grey is a low ISO film, but it does not suffer any noise caused by low light shots. A good aperture and a slow shutter speed will create warm effects, with an old fashioned retrò style.

Well, you just have to put a fresh roll film on and go out: frame, shutter, focus on, point and shoot, and it is surely fun!

Here is the Legend!

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