Yo-ho-ho! ‘Tis a Pirate’s Life For Me!


Ahoy there, all ye lads and lassies! ‘Tis International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Shiver me timbers!

Lower the sails and clear the decks! Bring out the gold and the barrels of rum! Despite the dastardly history behind it, pirates have always held a fascinating distinction in popular culture today.

Whether it’s in the classics such as Treasure Island, or through the adventures of the dreadlocked charmer Jack Sparrow (or even the Straw Hat Pirates in their fictional world), the pirate’s life is all about freedom and adventure.

While some of us might not be adapting the swashbuckling, rum-drinking lifestyle anytime soon, here’s a gallery of photographs from the community that will make you say “Argh!”.

(Oh, and while you’re at it, why not find out your pirate name too? Mine’s Black Bess Bonney, if you can believe it.)

Photos by sugiyamasatomi, upstair-studios, mikahsupageek, marthasmarvels, emimei, isabel_mebarak, dhuffone, trip35snapper, falsedigital, magdalenagabriela, michelangelo, and sabrina2611

written by geegraphy on 2012-09-19 #lifestyle #gallery #pirates #lomography #analogue-lifestyle #talk-like-a-pirate-day

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