Photokina 2012: Lomography at Cologne's Main Train Station


Photokina in Cologne might be hitting it big for fans of photography, but it’s not the only place you can find Lomography. Check out the city center. If you can’t spot the 1000-square-meter LomoMap near Cologne’s main train station square then you definitely need to check your eyes.

The LomoMap will stay at Cologne’s main train station square until the 23rd of September. Afterwards, it will go on a tour all around Germany.

This massive analogue map of Germany consists of 170,000 lomographs from Lomography’s German community. As if things can’t get any bigger, this LomoMap of Germany is actually the prelude to the “LomoWorldMap Project”. Lomography is planning to collect photos from all over the world to build a world map larger than a football field by 2020!

Stay tuned for our next LomoMap Country project!

Want to see more? Well, this is all we could get for now, but stay tuned to the magazine for the latest and greatest from Photokina 2012.

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