Little India at Night, Singapore

Day or night, Little India in Singapore is always packed and offers the curious things to look at and lomographers things to shoot at!

Hunting down urban adventures for the LC-A race, I wanted to experience for myself Little India in the night. I have made many trips before to Little India in the day, but I’ve never experienced late night shopping at Little India – especially at the famed Mustafa Centre which is probably the only 24/7 retailer in Singapore today.

Wow. Even late at night, when kids should be asleep…the streets and aisles are packed with families pushing strollers with hyperactive kids !

Other than Mustafa, most of the businesses operating at night tend to be food stalls and restaurants….but quite a few grocers were still open, catering to the late night crowd.

Of course, the money changers’ was still open as well as many tourists, as well as locals throng the streets of Little India, day or night!

I came, I shopped, I shot and I ate !

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