Editing Your Negative Scans


If you have succeeded in scanning your negatives, it might come in handy to know a couple of softwares that can help you edit your scanned negatives. Check out the article to find out which softwares are helpful!

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Many of you are probably clicking on the “Dust Removal” button when you’re scanning your negatives. This feature can be great, but it can also ruin your photo. It’s best to leave you scanning options as natural as possible. If you need to edit your slide scans, try using one of these tools:


This software is expensive, but if you want to go all out when editing your images, Photoshop has everything you need.


This is a lighter version of Photoshop. It doesn’t have all of the tools that Photoshop is equipped with, but it should be enough to edit your scanned negatives. You can try the free trial or buy it for around $300.


This software is free! That’s right. GIMP is a free image altering software. It has the same (well almost) features as Photoshop. So if you don’t mind learning how to use a new software, GIMP is perfect for editing those scanned negatives!

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