Basic Film Developing Chemicals and Their Purposes

Unlike many might think, there are not many chemicals that are used to develop a roll of film. In Black & White film development, you really only need to get familiar with the developer, the fixer, and the stop bath.

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The Developer is what causes the silver iodide on your roll of film to darken if it has been exposed to light.

The Fixer removes the undeveloped silver iodide from the emulsion.

The Stop Bath is used to completely stop the development process. The stop bath is used between the developer stage and the fixers stage.

Other chemicals that might be used is Hypo Clear, which is used to remove all traces of the fixing agent and rinsing agents to reduce stopping during the drying stage of the film.

That’s it! Developing your own film is not as hard as many people would think it is. Why not give it a try?

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