Enter the Sardine Can: A Sneak Peek at the La Sardina Wardrobe Exhibition Singapore

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Who’s ready to get their art freak on at the Lomography Gallery Store Singapore this Friday? Lest y’all die of anticipation, we’re gonna give you eager beavers a glimpse of what to expect at the La Sardina Wardrobe Exhibition Opening Party. Enter the prismatic realm of the sardine can and dive in, fishies!


**Steve Lawler a.k.a MOJOKO**

After a 2-year stint at Fabrica, in their new media department, working on “Colors Magazine”, Steve was whisked away by Diesel to be part of their in-house creative team in Italy, working exclusively for the design company and its sub-brands. Seeking further adventure, he moved to Asia to take on a more commercial role, creating websites and campaigns for many global brands under OgilvyOne Singapore. Currently the Creative Director at Kult3D, he is involved in projects across Asia both commercially and experimentally; expressing his thoughts through various unorthodox artists’ tools such as his own magazine, Kult, as well as guerilla exhibitions, sculptures and fashion projects.

**Eric Foenander**

Eric Foenander has been illustrating, painting, and doing all things artsy and fartsy since he was a 3-year-old toddler. His earlier years was when he delved into, and focused on, oils and acrylic. Since then, he has developed primarily into a digital artist, with stints in the worlds of advertising, animation and industrial design. Eric was formerly a full time illustrator/art director at Ogilvy & Mather and is now the Creative Director of the Butter Factory as well as Lead Designer at Bedsty Musicpartiesdesign. He pads up most of his free time with illustrating even more stuff!

**Farizwan Fajari a.k.a Speak Cryptic**

Visual artist Speak Cryptic has exhibited extensively in Singapore and many parts of the world. He was recently one of the artists shortlisted for The Singapore Show: Future Proof, an exhibition showcasing the works of young artists whose innovative and unique practices have generated attention and accolades in various art circles. It was held at the Singapore Art Museum @ 8Q. He also plays the electric bass for local indie bands I Am David Sparkle and Concave Scream.

**David Chan**

David Chan is a critically acclaimed artist and winner of the prestigious 23rd UOB Painting of the Year. He is renowned for his vivid paintings of animals, humans and animal/human hybrids – a running theme which surfaced at his first solo exhibition, Genetic Wonderland back in 2004. They reflect his take on social issues such as pop culture and genetic engineering, as well as human behaviour in our current world. Being an inquisitive person by nature, he has dabbled in illustration, painting, printmaking as well as sculpture and installations. Having taught students from 5 years old to 50 years old, David finally took the plunge and co-found Cups N Canvas, an Art space that investigates the peculiar friendship between art, food and coffee.

**Yong, Somewhere Else**

Prior to founding Somewhere Else, an ideas-centered design studio, Yong spent 4.5 years as a senior designer at Asylum where he crafted a wide spectrum of projects. During his stint at Asylum, his works have gone on to receive both local and international awards like the One Show and The Art Directors Club. His works have also been featured in numerous publications worldwide. Aside from his work commitments, Yong actively helps out in the design industry: having done jury duty for the Creative Circle Awards 2010 and Noise Singapore 2010, 2011. He has most recently joined Orita Sinclair as co-head of their Industry Advisory Council.


MASH-UP is an independent, offbeat, street-wear label inspired by everything from ethnic heritage and pop culture to cinematography. The brainchild of LASALLE College of the Arts fashion graduates Daniela Monasterios Tan, Nathanael Ng and Shaf Amis’aabudin, MASH-UP is a manifestation of the trio’s common love for music, partying and fashion. As part of the third batch of designers in the incubator programme, MASH-UP debuted its first flagship store in Parco next Next and recently previewed their second collection ATLANTA GOES TO ATLANTIS to wich the audience was very receptive.

**Clare Marie Ryan**

Clare Marie Ryan is an artist especially fascinated by mythology, storytelling, and narrative work. She takes a multi-disciplinary approach to art-making, employing printmaking techniques, etchings and drawings as well as motion graphics to convey her ideas and visions. Clare was recently involved in a collaboration between 2 Singaporean and 2 Danish artists titled THE PEARLY GATES , an installation incorporating murals, landscape paintings, sculptures, objects, lights and music, integrated into a sexually humorous and liberating experience.

**Bradley Foisset**

Singapore-based artist Bradley Foisset’s childhood in a New York industrial factory town led him to embrace materials traditionally outside of the artist’s reach. Like Rauschenberg, Bradley sees beauty in the everyday, putting objects into art that others would consider trash, all in an attempt to examine our attitude towards how we live in modern times. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s degree In Fine Arts Painting at LASALLE College of the Arts and was most recently a Practice Award recipient of The Winston Oh Travel Award 2012.

**Kitt Santos**

Kitt Santos is a graphic designer and illustrator whose kick-ass body of work draws reference from folktales, pop art as well as fashion, and features watercolor and digital painting techniques. After taking Architecture in college, Kitt took on different jobs while also working as a freelance illustrator. Dedicated to his craft, he further explored new media and studied web design. He moved to Singapore a couple of years ago, where he was able to polish his skills in conceptualizing, planning, and designing various projects. He currently works at fFurious as an Interactive Designer and continues to dedicate his free time to illustration and painting.

**Serene a.k.a. Astralrae**

Astralrae is a textiles designer on a mission to revive the appreciation for lost cultures, working up a storm with her fabrics. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Textiles at LASALLE College of the Arts and has been involved in numerous collaborations and exhibitions, including the most recent edition of Transmission: Kaleidoscope under the mentorship of PHUNK. She is currently working as a full-time Design Consultant at Interface.

**Joseph Chiang, Monster Gallery**

Joseph Chiang is a self-trained artist, painter, photographer and most obviously, printmaker, as well as the head honcho of Monster Gallery. His goal is to bring joy to the masses through his art. He regularly translates his great taste in movies into creating retro-pop-culture-inspired art and prints via a series of re-imagined movie posters for films directed by a bevy of greats: Alfred Hitchcock, Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarantino, Michel Gondry, just to name a few.

Credits: ftwentytwo

Thirsty for more? Come by on Friday, grab a chi-chi cocktail from the DrinkDings bar, nibble on delectable canapés by SPRMRKT and rub shoulders with these amazing artists and their awe-inspiring “L’art” Sardinas!

Opening Party: September 21, Friday, 18:00
Exhibition: September 21 – October 14, 12:00 – 21:00

Lomography Gallery Store Singapore
295 South Bridge Road, #01-01
Singapore 058838
T: (65) 6223 8850
email: shopsingapore@lomography.com
Open Daily 12 pm – 9 pm

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