Arr! Today is Talk Like A Pirate Day!

2012-09-19 2

Arrr! What do ye know, me lads an’ lassies, it’s Talk Like A Pirate Day once more! Come aboard, me mateys, weigh anchor an’ hoist the mizzen! We be celebratin’ the occasion with some fine grog an’ rum, buccaneers, an’ analogue booty!

Credits: sugiyamasatomi

Avast, me lomo-hearties an’ mateys! Today, the world once again celebrates Talk Like A Pirate Day, a playful event for everyone to have fun talking and sometimes even dressing up like pirates!

It may have started with a goofy idea among a few friends, but now on it’s 10th year, Talk Like A Pirate Day has expanded into a worldwide celebration for fans of swashbuckling pirates and their nautical adventures. Silly and non-sensical as it may seem, many enjoy conversing, singing, and dancing like rum-loving pirates in this annual event!

Planning to go to any Talk Like A Pirate event in your area? Arr, don’t forget to capture everything in film and set sail with the La Sardina, the wide-eyed analogue buccaneer to join you in this occasion! Just look at the seaside and sea-bound photos you can take with it!

Credits: ccwu, fafascinado, volker-jp, ricoinbrooklyn, vicuna, bebopbebop, arurin & banane

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  1. plasticpopsicle
    plasticpopsicle ·

    Arrr! Plenty of thanks to me lomo-mateys @sugiyamasatomi, @ccwu, @fafascinado, @volker-jp, @ricoinbrooklyn, @vicuna, @bebopbebop, @arurin, and @banane for yer snaps!

  2. bebopbebop
    bebopbebop ·

    @plasticpopsicle aye aye captain the pleasure be mine! :D

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