My Best Friend is a Skeleton!

2012-12-04 3

When I have to test a new camera or when I’m bored, I take pictures at home. My friend Rudolph is a skeleton and is my favorite subject when doing this!

I know Rudolph since the first year of Medical School. I adopted it to study human anatomy, whose exams are hard to pass.

Many medical students prefer studying anatomy through skeleton models, as well as by books and websites that provide simulations of motion of the joints and digital images of the various bones.

Maybe I was already “analog” in those days. I preferred to study using books, and also through skeletons in the flesh… Well, maybe not really in the flesh, but only in the bones!

I hated his bones and his joints like poison. Often, after many hours of study, I went into a state of trance and I hallucinated. The face of the professor materialized in the place of his skull.

You can imagine how many blows, shots with darts, swearing, kicking, spitting, and punching the poor and helpless Rudolph had collected from me!

As time went by, I became fond of my skeleton. When I passed my exam, I decided not to throw it away, lend it to anyone, nor to bury it in a cemetery. Now, Rudolph is in my room and has kept me company all these years.

Before I met Lomography, I never thought of taking a portrait of him. When I got my first lomo camera, a Diana F + CMYK, I used it to take my first solo picture of Rudolph:

Also, my first pinhole photo shows his pretty little head:

Sometimes, I rip his head off and carry it around:

…then he gets angry and tells me that it has legs and my shoes, and that he can walk!

Once, he got drunk…

Credits: goonies

… was arrested by the police! I still have his mugshot:

I paid the bail and he was released. As punishment, I put his skull in the washing machine!

Isn’t my skeleton friend funny?

Rudolph says “hello” to all of you with his waving hand!

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  1. maria_vlachou
    maria_vlachou ·

    He looks so happy! :-D

  2. giovannidecarlo
    giovannidecarlo ·

    @maria_vlachou he he he ! (:

  3. twinklecat
    twinklecat ·

    I laughed so much when I saw the skull in the washing machine!!! I've also got a skeleton living in my house (his name is Ollie), here he is in all his glory:

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