Xaviru Likes The Spinner 360

2012-09-17 3

Find out why Xaviru from Barcelona would pick the Spinner 360° over any other camera any time.

Credits: xaviru

Wherever I go, I have a lot of trouble deciding which cameras to take and which films… But without any doubt, I always have a space for the Spinner 360°. What the spinner can capture, no other camera can.

I like to take photos with medium format cameras, like the Diana F+ or Holga CFN 120 (I would like to try the Lubitel 166+) but, if you really want to capture all that you have around you have to use a Spinner 360°. With it you can take normal photos, like the 360º panoramic around you, but can also rotate the camera to get curved horizons or beautiful vertical panoramic photos from the sky to the ground and again to the sky. And it’s perfecte to capture the city, landscapes… any situation!

Credits: xaviru

It’s also possible to make some experiments like time scan, and its really funny to take photos with other people. You can get unsual photos with your friends, and it’s also a pleasure to see the reactions of people who don’t know the camera.

Credits: xaviru

I think it’s the perfect camera for people who want to have fun taking photos. You can plan what you want in your picture, and you’ll get it, but you also don’t have to think too much and the results are always amazing. The same camera in the same place but in diferent positions results in absolutely different results!


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  1. webo29
    webo29 ·

    @xaviru :)

  2. xaviru
    xaviru ·

    thanks @webo29! :-D

  3. minna1608
    minna1608 ·

    yeah, i agree...love the spinner, too.

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