Fujifilm to Stop Producing Motion Picture Film by 2013

2012-09-17 9

Last week, Fujifilm Holdings Corporation released a statement announcing their decision to cease manufacturing traditional film used to shoot motion pictures by March 2013.

Photo via motionpicturegfilm.nl

Due to the rapid decline in demand, Fujifilm has decided to shift their operations from manufacturing negative and positive films in favor of focusing on the further development of their digital tools and services.

Photo via the official Fujifilm website.

Fujifilm has mainly provided negative films for shooting and positive films for projection in its motion picture film business operations. However, in order to adapt to the recent rapid transition of digitalization in the shooting, producing, projecting and archiving processes of motion pictures Fujifilm has decided to shift its business operations to provide products and services designed for digital workflow of motion picture production and projection. – Press Release, Fujifilm

While this is sad news in the analogue world, Fujifilm reiterates that they will still continue to provide films for long-term archiving, as well as professional and amateur photographic still films.

All information for this article was taken from PetaPixel, Engadget, and the official Fujifilm website.

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  1. fish300
    fish300 ·


  2. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    you know, it's like being on a floating island that loses pieces day after day until we all fall in the big cold digital waters :(

  3. mariaratfingers
    mariaratfingers ·

    as a person struggling to get into the film business and especially to keep motivating people to shoot analogue motion pictures, this is something i knew was coming, but was kinda hoping didn't happen at all.
    that silly hope us nostalgics always keep for a reason...
    actually some friends and i are finishing the shooting of a film and were having trouble finding the same fuji emulsion we were using. and now that the film is halfway through its shooting process, we don't really have a choice to use a different one. it's very sad to actually live it. but i was hoping it had something to do with the importation policies my country has adopted lately.. turns out shit just got real.
    anyway, r.i.p. fujifilm. we'll keep shooting films with any old stash we can find until there is none left and we are doomed to digital.

  4. 110isnotdead
    110isnotdead ·

    Well, at least they are gonna still make the still film. But I guess its only a matter of time for that too. That's progress I guess...

  5. romanfrozzt
    romanfrozzt ·

    hope they never stop producing photographic films... :(

  6. sherman86
    sherman86 ·

    Where is the 'I don't like' button?

  7. cbax13
    cbax13 ·

    So what happens if the digital storage options suffer problems? I recall reading an article called the digital dilemma and it gave me pause. Fuji should remember the mantra "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." or "Don't burn your bridges.". Their motion picture product delivers on the big screen, why give that up?

  8. romson
    romson ·

    Now that's bad. I'm afraid that the discontinued of film is on the horizon. Fujifilm's press release, which was published in July, said that they discontinues three compact film cameras: Natura Classica, Klasse W and Clear Shot M. It seems that the time for Fujifilm to cross out the word "film" from their title :(

  9. tytusek
    tytusek ·


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