Lady Grey B&W 400: When B&W film meets the Diana Mini's Square


When Diana Mini’s Square format meets Lomography’s Lady Grey, the feelings they give comes in doubles!

Lomography Lady Grey 400

In April 2012, I went to the Dooksum Park with the Diana Mini loaded == Lomography Lady Grey 400==. After developing and scanning, I could finally meet the results. As I saw the result I was stunned by the beauty of the B&W film. Because in past I never knew why people get into the B&W film, so never thought of using it, but I was so glad that I met B&W film now, not later!

Whoa, sorry for the long introduction. let’s get in to the B&W film by photos!


Han river at Dooksum Park

Sunshine getting through Han river, and the reflection of it. It’s just great to take a picture of landscape, which is different from the color negatives. It gives depth in the image.

Images from Dooksum park, subway, people

This is not a landscape of flowers and trees, but even though it’s a view of a city, it takes in the images like they were ten years ago, which makes me think of old memories. Someone I knew had a look at this
picture and thought this was a past view of Dooksum park, and she thought of her memories again. With the film, it already gives us feeling to rethink the events in the past, but when these meet B&W, I think it just doubles up the precious feelings. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Certain Object

Feeding Pigeon

Portrait as portrait, Animal as animal, object as object. With B&W film it just gives the feelings like I am looking in to the old photo album of grandmother. The feeling of the past moment that film gives gets more.

people looking the river

Taking a portrait image with B&W, the result is more than I expected! I didn’t take a picture of the face, even though i took a picture of someone I don’t know, It just took them into the image beautifully.

Puppy that I met in the Park

With this Film, You could take photos of your lovely puppies/dogs, cute kittens/cats, and other animals more lovelier!



Talking about the MX, they make an image of after image of the memories, or some place new! since it’s B&W it’s easier to notice what images are overlapped. And I am sure you already know of MX, and played with MX, so I am not going to say much, but you know how attractive MX is.

Concluding the review…

With the Diana Mini, you could enjoy two diffrent formats which is first the Square format and second the Half format. Using half format, you could enjoy the Diana Mini, but when you use the Square format, I am sure you could get in to the Diana Mini more than you thought. The special feelings of Diana comes more in the Square format!

This camera already gives great photo full of analogue feelings, when this meets B&W film, it just deepens the depth of image, and multiples the power of analogue, and film!

With B&W film, never hesitate to experience it! Just use it, When films gives you unexpected, but fantastic results, the result B&W film gives you is hard to organize in words, since its so great!! Don’t Think! Give it a Try!! I am of you getting addicted to the B&W world!

Thank you :)

written by snailish on 2012-09-21 #gear #400 #35mm #diana-mini #squareformat #24x24 #lomography #analogue #review #ladygrey #film
translated by snailish

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