Voigtländer V400 (35mm, 400 iso) User-Review


Voigtländer is a very well known name when it come to optics, but little did I know that they also made some films!

Voigtländer is a legendary in optics, having been established 1756 in Vienna as a company producing optical instruments. With the dawn of photography Voigtländer started producing cameras as well and is highly renowned for its legendary cameras and lenses. Imagine my amazement when I came across films bearing the Voigtländer name!
I found just two expired rolls on the internet and greedily bought them to try them out and see if the emulsion holds up to its name! Which it does! I have since found out that this film is still being produced, yet a reliable source for it still remains elusive…

This film is a true jewel and does justice to its hallowed name. Whether outdoors or indoors or in underground dungeons, whether sunny or cloudy weather or at night, it does not disappoint! See the pictures to have a look for yourselves ! When expired, as in this case, it also gives us all the Lomographic effects we love with minimal grain, good saturation and sharpness and superb contrast!

You have to try this film out so I will be not alone in my addiction to it :D

written by cyan-shine on 2010-02-19 #gear #film #negative #review #amazing #colour #voigtlander


  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    N°20 is stunning ! Interesting film indeed !

  2. maaikel
    maaikel ·

    Just bought 5 of these films, looking ot to try then!

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