The Perks of a Photography Interest Group

2012-09-18 6

We’ve all been told about the dangers of meeting people online, but sometimes, a little risk may pay off! Keep reading to see how I met fellow Lomographers in person and the benefits of forming a photography club!

Meeting new people online can be daunting, but sometimes, we all need to take a chance. The Lomography Society in Auckland is relatively small and it is rather hard to meet other people with the same hobby or join interest groups. But through the magic of social networking and, a small interest group called ‘Auckland Lomography’ was formed.

Since the group began, I have discovered the many perks of forming an interest group/club! So let me explain to you my top four reasons and hope that it can convince you to start one yourself!

Credits: ting_jez, amytam, linnykins & adam_g2000

Number 1 – You meet new people and make new friends!
Although our group is small, we were very lucky to find some decent members that share the same passion for analogue photography!

Some of my photos from the Meet Up!

Number 2 – We learn from each other!
We share tips and tricks as well as pass our own knowledge to others! Some of us are more familiar with instant photography, while some of us have mastered the art of redscale! Some of us know the best places for film processing, and some of us know the best deals on film/cameras!

Photos from fellow member – ting_jez

Number 3 – We shoot MORE!
We encourage others to go out and shoot more as well as organise monthly meet ups! These meet ups allow us to get out of the house and go to different locations! Since the formation of this group, I have made more of an effort to go out and shoot – you can tell from the increase in my photo upload!

Photos from fellow member – adam_g2000

Number 4 – We give each other inspiration!
We discuss about the things that we like to shoot and inspire each other about possible photo opportunities and subject matter. We encourage each other to try something new and different! I was personally inspired to try cross processing and fell in love with this technique!

Photos from fellow member – linnykins

So why not make the most of the Lomography network, search for fellow Lomographers in your area and enjoy the perks of meeting new people and form an interest group?

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  1. ting_jez
    ting_jez ·

    Love it! Great job :)

  2. tunnybird
    tunnybird ·

    Great idea, good story and lovely pics of Auckland!

  3. thefinalcoda
    thefinalcoda ·

    Oh, dear. Seeing my own face in an article was a bit of a shock.

  4. amytam
    amytam ·

    Thanks, @ting_jex and @tunnybird! Auckland is a great little city! @thefinalcoda, I hope you don't mind... it's too late now! wahahaha!

  5. thefinalcoda
    thefinalcoda ·

    @amytam Not to worry, as revenge will be mine. After the next meeting I am able to attend, I might have to publish an article entitled "People Named Amy," or something like that.

  6. amytam
    amytam ·

    @thefinalcoda, I shall wait for that epic album :)

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