Five Times Diana

2012-09-17 2

We really can’t get enough of the beautiful pictures the Diana F+ can produce. So we decided to compile another gallery of simply awesome shots on the last day of her 5th birthday celebrations.

Here’s to another 5 years of analogue gorgeousness dear Diana!

Credits: elisaf, susielomovitz, naomac, pink1212, nore2kron, genialosa, leela_dark, kingnate, orangebird, remi-boiteux, life_on_mars, learchitecture, desmal, fivedayforecast, zopia, vgzalez, azurblue, vinz-satori, andrewmunro, blueskyandhardrock, coyote & frauspatzi

The Fantastic Diana F+ Birthday Deals end today! So hurry up if you haven’t made the most of them yet – just a few hours left to go. Head to the Online Shop or Lomography Gallery Stores and make the most of our special offers

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