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They say that High school are the best days of our lives. What if you spend you grade school and high school days in just one school? And to top it all, it’s an exclusive all-boys school. Then probably you’ve just experienced one hell of a childhood. This I did, when I finished both elementary and high school in Marist School.

Credits: boobert

Marist School is located in Marikina City, Philippines. It’s a Catholic school for boys established by the Marist brothers, where the school got its name in 1964.

I basically entered this school when I got to Grade 2, then stayed there until I graduated high school. It was a school to be envied, because in its huge lot are, plenty of trees, a huge ground for students to run around in and pretty much the cool breeze because of those trees. Although during our time, the school wasn’t all that known around Metro Manila because of its far location. But presently, it’s considered to be one of the better schools not only around Marikina or Manila but all over the Philippines.

Credits: boobert

It’s also one of the few remaining exclusive school for boys that’s left in Manila. So you can just imagine the riot that goes on everyday in the campus. I mean “riot” in a good way. So here’s a few snaps from the school. And in redscale too, check it out.

Credits: boobert

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