Lx Factory in Lisbon: From Fabric to Dreams


Born in 2008, in place of an old fabric factory (and many other things along the years), Lx Factory just breathes creativity. In this small place there are restaurants, little shops, nice coffee houses, model agencies, dancing and acting studios and so much more! It even has the best place in Lisbon to develop film especially if you have a Lomo camera…and art is everywhere!

The buildings were built in 1846 by a thread and fabric company (Companhia de Fiação e Tecidos Lisbonense) in Alcântara, Lisboa. Over the years, other things took place there but it was always an isolated urban area of the city…until 2008. That’s when the place opened to the world as Lx Factory: 23,000 square meters filled with art!

Lx Factory is described as a creative island inside of the city. There’s something there for everyone: architecture, design, fashion, communication, advertising, fine arts, performing arts, music, new technologies, photography and many places for food: restaurants, bars, coffee houses, and even places to do culinary workshops! Every Sunday, they have a market selling secondhand things, handmade jewelry, and other things.

Credits: anamachado

The thing I love about this place is that there’s something new every time I go there. There was a big, big wall painted black with this saying in big letters in one half: BEFORE I DIE… And then in the other half, there was a place for people to write their end of the sentence. A few months later, the wall was red and filled with great graffiti.

Credits: anamachado

This place even has the greatest lab to develop your lomo films with discounts for lomo users! It’s called Print Factory and if you are in Lisbon with film to develop, you should definitely go there!

This is their website where you can see everything they have there.

Make sure that once in your life you go to Lisbon. And when you do, why not come here?

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