Fish Tank: A Film Swap with the Past


It was a kind of film swap with the past.

Credits: krisko1210

A few weeks ago I bought several old cameras, which were still loaded, as I saw it soon. Such cameras were used in 70s and early 80s, so the films should be very old too, expired, no question, and partially exposed. I asked myself, what kind of pictures could be on these films, maybe some family photos. The people, who took them, must be very old now, or maybe already passed away… I thought of sunken ships, lost and forgotten in the deep ocean with fishes swimming in the rooms where people were once sitting and talking.

I rewinded the films and exposed them one more time, taking pictures of the fish tanks in a zoo. Strange dreamy pictures with crazy colors came out. Large parts of the films were destroyed. I scanned the photos I could save — you can see them in the album “fish tank” at my LomoHome. Here are some examples:

Credits: krisko1210

So if you from time to time drop in to a bric-a-brac market or a garage sale and find there an old single-use camera or another kind of exposed film, just take it and give it a second chance. These strips have secrets to tell!

written by krisko1210 on 2012-12-10 #lifestyle #expired #film-swap #old #destroyed #double-exposure #lomography #analogue-lifestyle

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