The Stories Within Pictures #10: Markets, Diana and Love


Every city has its own places which can be proudly called meeting points. People meet there to have a cup of coffee or tea, to chat, shop or just marvel at life and gossip a bit. It doesn’t really matter whether they meet there accidentally or they plan it ahead, the joy of meeting someone is still there, bound to that special place.

After the snow melted, Penny took her new bicycle – Mr. Pink – for the first ride. She heard wonderful stories about Helsinki’s markets and thought that it might be fun to visit the famous “kauppahaali”.

photos by erikagrendel

Visiting a market in Finland is a little feast and wonderful experience for a tourist. All the smells are trying to attack you from every corner and every stall. Fresh fish, dark or milk chocolate, coffee, freshly-baked pulla or a fruity smell of homemade jams. And the colors! That is really a feast for all lomographers’ eyes. Pink salmon, fresh colorful vegetables and fruit, dark blue blueberries, wonderfully red strawberries, green broccoli and anything you can think of. It was a Saturday when Penny found out about these tasty and photogenic places. She packed into the bag several cameras and went on her first marketplace photo-hunt.

photos by erikagrendel

The first “kauppahaali” she visited was an old building near the harbor. Her Diana F+ was impatiently waiting on her neck for the first shots. Penny wound it and shot. Click! Click! She got used to the attention from passersby whenever she is winding and shooting with the Diana, but this time she noticed something very very strange – a stalker. He was a tall guy (well, at least taller than Penny), with blond shaggy hair, he was handsome too and wearing glasses with a thick black frame, still, being handsome doesn’t make up for anyone’s stalking intentions. He was a stalker and followed her to every stall, stopped one or two meters behind her when she was taking a picture, watching her anxiously.

For Penny, all this unwanted attention was just too much, she looked at him with angry questions in her eyes ‘So what? What are you looking at? Do you have a problem?’ However, he replied with a shy smile and produced from his backpack, a Holga. That was the answer, which she definitely did not expect and left her speechless for a while. They stood there without a word for several minutes, smiling at each other and searching for a question to break that stupid silence.

‘Coffee? Tea?’
‘Oh yeah, tea will be wonderful!’ she replied.

.bq Photo and words by Erika Grendelova. Originally from Slovakia, Erika now lives in the Czech Republic and travels a lot to UK and Finland. Read more “The Story within Pictures” here.

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