Quickie Tipster: Night Time Photography Using Gels


Ways in which you can let your creative juices run wild. Step out into the night with your camera and click away! Tips’n’tricks for you to use color gets to brighten up the night.

Credits: megkalki

Night. Lights. Do you feel the need to get some colour into your life? Go out into the night and bring the world of colour to life.

1. Get a few sheets of transparency sheets
2. Scissors
3. Permanent markers. Get as many colours as you can.
4. (Optional) Ink. Get different colours.
5. Tape
6. Your Lomography camera.

Take the transparency sheets, and cut out pieces so that it covers the flash of your camera completely. Fill in the piece with the markers. Let your imagination run wild. Mix colours. You can even take different inks and run colour over the transparency sheet. Let it spread and dry, and then cut out the little pieces. Tape them over the light-emitting part of the flash, and you’re done! You experiment, and use more than one flash gel. See what
comes! And when night comes, go out with your camera, shake it, and capture little bits of magic!

I made the gels for my Colorsplash. It is awesome!

So grab yer camera and get out there!

written by megkalki on 2012-09-20 #gear #tutorials #quickie-tipster #gels #tipster #night #colorsplash #camera #cityslicker-india

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  1. clownshoes
    clownshoes ·

    Awesome quicky. Love making filters; get a really heavy transparent stock and use them on a cokin holder.

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