DIY: Making a Carry Pouch for your Lomo , Carry it Everywhere!

2012-09-21 2

Aren’t we all sick of carrying big bags everywhere so we can have our lomo-cameras always with us? Well here’s a tipster to solve your ordeal! Make an easy carry bag only & exclusively for your camera!

So lets get crafty!

There are a couple of things you will require for this project:

1. an old camera bag , it can be even a pouch or a digital camera case.
2. scissors
3. fabric glue
4. a sling string
5. this is optional- old packaging boxes, magazines or even printouts

Credits: megkalki

Start with inspecting the case you have found for your camera bag. Make sure it’s sturdy and has a good locking/closing mechanism

Credits: megkalki

I will be making a camera bag for the Lomography Colorsplash camera, so I am gonna snip the end of the case for the flash with scissors while making sure that the case is still intact.

Credits: megkalki

Make it a little you – accessorize it , or even paint on it. I’m sticking some random things onto the camera bag with the help of fabric glue .

Credits: megkalki

Once the glue has dried out, attach the side sling on to the case so that you can carry it anywhere.

Credits: megkalki


Credits: megkalki

Happy clicking :)

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