Take the Fish to the Mountains: A Little Hike with the La Sardina and Fisheye Baby 110


Take a sunny Sunday, three buddies on a hike, a bunch of analogue cameras and different rolls of film et voilà – a memorable summer day!

Analogue buddies on a hike. :)

One sunny, summer Sunday, which was way too beautiful to not take advantage of, I decided to use it for photography. I felt like I needed to shoot in the mountains. So I asked two of my best friends to join me on this analogue adventure. They were swift to go with me, so I packed three cameras (La Sardina, Fisheye Baby 110 and Diana F+) and a whole lot of film.

We went by car to a restaurant called “Gasthof Ochsalm” which is situated (a bit) in the mountains (in the Kitzbühel Alps if you want), from there, we walked about twenty minutes up to a summit cross (it’s actually more of a hill than a summit). The weather was simply wonderful and our little hike was peppered with cows and alps and a beautiful sunset after.

Credits: mario-salvenmoser

When we reached the top, I handed two of the cameras to my friends and told them (after some quick instructions) to run around and simply capture anything in front of their lenses, which they did. And as did I. It was a whole lot of fun and I especially liked the photos of my La Sardina with the Fuji Velvia 100F. It gave the photos a cool red tone, which gives them the feeling of a sunset even more.

Credits: mario-salvenmoser

Also, the Fisheye Baby 110 photos were pretty good and funny. ;-)

Credits: mario-salvenmoser

Unfortunately, we used the wrong lens for the Diana F+ so the photos didn’t turn out that good, but I like them anyway.

Credits: mario-salvenmoser

This was an absolutely funny and memorable afternoon and Lomography gave me once more a wonderful summer memory. This is why I love analogue photography so much! :-)

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