Aprilia Sensia: Fuji Sensia (35mm, 200 ISO) User-Review


Aprilia Sensia? it’s not a biology name or a Latin name for a plant that is on a Green House. Aprilia Sensia is my review about a film that catch my attention when I first it used on April.

The first time when I used this film is like “wish this Fuji sensia 200 is like the 100”. Why is that? because the 100 yields pink-ish picture. Just like my review about Fuji Sensia 100 titled “PINKISH SENSIA”. Here, mu reviewing another Sensia but this time is the 200. Is it Pink again? the answer is next!

NO!! The Fuji Sensia gives me and you the green and yellow which is the color of Fuji. I mean green and yellow is the trademark of this film from Fuji. As you can see on my gallery, I used Horizon Perfekt and Lomo LC-A+ RL . When I used Horizon Perfekt+sensia 200 it gives me that clear and sharp image, although it’s cross process the color still can normal but the contrast of this film that I love.It’s an instant love! Then everytime I used the LC-A+ RL.. hmmm, what can I say? A team work between them gives me the result that I always remember. Sky is blue but not blue, there’s still a green-ish tone here and there. That’s why I review another Sensia, to show how powerful The Sensia is. So what are you waiting for? go graaaaab those aprilia sensiaaaa!! (not saint saiya..if you know saint saiya, you must love them!) LOMO ON!!

written by adi_totp on 2009-12-27 #gear #slide #35mm #review #adi_totp #100-iso #bali #bandung #horizon-perfekt #x-pro #lc-a-rl #cross-proccesing


  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Wow, beli Horizon Perfektnya taun 2007 Di? Harganya pasti belum Rp 5,5 jeti =9

  2. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Eh, hapunteun, 2009, lepat ketang =p

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