Sometimes Redscale Is...

2012-09-17 1

Sometimes redscale is exactly what you wanted…but sometimes, it’s not.

Sometimes, it’s yellow…

Sometimes, it’s green…

Sometimes, on the same day, on the same sky, it’s pink.

Sometimes, it gets too much light…

Sometimes, it doesn’t get enough…

Sometimes, light from a window is enough…

But sometimes, it’s not.

Sometimes you double it up.

Sometimes primates use it.

Sometimes, it’s warm…

But sometimes, it’s not.

Sometimes the sun silhouettes…

But sometimes the sun swallows you up.

Sometimes it gets those blue lines.

Sometimes, your scanner software auto-corrects it to blue.

Sometimes, it’s right for the occasion…

But sometimes, it’s just not right for that shot.

Sometimes, it’s dirty.

Sometimes, it looks old.

Sometimes it adds something on its own.

Sometimes, it’s exactly what you wanted.

But sometimes, it’s not.

But one thing is for sure…I’m going to keep using it!

Film used: Lomography Redscale, Lomography Redscale XR 50-200
Cameras used: Diana Mini, Pentax K1000, Holga 135BC, Holga 120CFN, Fisheye No. 2, Sprocket Rocket

written by 0live on 2012-09-17 #lifestyle #film #redscale #experience #results #xr

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