Rosy Redscales: First But Most Definitely Not the Last!


So who hasn’t heard of redscale film? Almost every lomographer has used or at least heard of it! I however, have been a lomographer since 2009 and had never tried it until just a week ago! Imagine that.

Actually…not true, I tried making my own redscale once (during my DIY obsession a while ago) but it was a 12 exp film and only 5 or 6 photos came out decent.

All were taken during the summertime in Lima.

So here is my redscale love story.

Credits: litumai

I live in Lima, (capital of Peru), and here in the winter, the clouds cover the sky from June until October, making it really hard for a Lomographer to get good pictures. So when my family and I decided to go on a vacation to the north of Peru, more specifically, to a beautiful beach called Mancora in the province of Piura, where it is summer all year round and the sky is painted with great shades of blue and almost no clouds at all. What better film to try out than Lomography Redscale! I was so excited that I almost finished a whole roll in a minute!

Credits: litumai

I tried shooting double exposures as well, but I was shooting directly at the sun (I heard somewhere that that’s the way I would get the best colors), so the sun ate my first exposure. I guess that when double exposing redscale, none of the pics should have too much light coming in. But the photo I took with my DIY Diana Mini Splitzer came out great!

Credits: litumai

So I hope you guys like these pictures as much as I do, and even though I won’t be able to shoot Redscale in a few weeks…I will neeever stop loving it! The amazing and vibrant shades of yellow, orange, and red, make it impossible not to love this film.

written by litumai on 2012-09-19 #lifestyle #redscale-red-scale-rojo-diy-lomography-redscale-xr-50-200-beach-niece-kid-mirror-reflection-yellow-light

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