Magical Hole-y Photos by Amy Friend


Vintage photos already have that nostalgic and sometimes even magical feel, but a Canadian artist has found a simple yet smart way to give them an even more enchanting look. Curious? Find out after the jump!

At this time and age, man has already find many ways to add magic to their photos and artworks, but perhaps no one has thought that using tiny holes will effortlessly do the trick…no one but Canadian artist Amy Friend.

Amy has found a rather smart and simple way to make light pass through beautiful vintage photos by puncturing them with tiny holes. When held up against the light, it’s as if fairies have lent their magic to make the photos spellbinding. The results are nothing short of enchanting. Let’s take a look at some of them below:

Photos via Plenty of Colour

Rather clever, what Amy does, don’t you think? You can see more of these photos in her Daré alla Lucé photography series.

All information for this article were sourced from Plenty of Colour and Amy Friend's Website.

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