#GreaseIsTheWord: We Went To Rydell High With The LC-A+!


Future Cinema take movies one step further, bringing the whole world of the film to life! They invited us along to their showing of Grease, and we were only too happy to don a poodle skirt, spot the studs, and get a hickey from Kenickie! Have a look at our gallery from the night here….

As you can see, Future Cinema went all out this time, recreating the Rydell High sports field, Frenchie’s bedroom, Frosty’s Diner (the hotdogs were brill!), the prom, and the funfair. They even had the Grease Lightening car driving round the block and holding up the traffic!

We loved it, we were definitely transported to the 50’s and had an amazing night. We would never have known we were on Barnes Common!

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written by littlemisslove on 2012-09-15 #lifestyle #review #tungsten #movie #lc-a #grease #secret-cinema #35mm-films #future-cinema

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