Make a Sunset Smoothie with the Color X-Pro Sunset Strip


Wouldn’t it be great if you could take all the colors in the world, add a bit of sunset feeling and blend them all together and make a smoothie? Well, when it comes to experiments and trying out new things, Lomographers are the bravest photographers in the universe. And if the word X-Pro is involved, then they’re especially daring. Check out the gallery of awesome photos that have been concocted with the Color X-Pro Sunset Strip!

The Color X-Pro Sunset Strip is the freshest member of the X-Pro family. If you had fun with your blues, greens, and reds when you used X-Pro films, you will have a blast with this new 35 mm slide film. Its precoloured material produces more and more intense colours the darker your surrounding gets which makes it the perfect film for nighthawks, party people and vampires. Are you brave enough for this?

written by ilkadj on 2012-09-17 #lifestyle #negative #color #smoothie #35mm-films #color-x-pro-sunset-strip #precolored

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