A Lovely Birthday Card for a Lovely Birthday Girl

2012-09-17 2

Remember the happy wishes that you wrote for the Diana on her birthday? Well we have compiled the best ones and we are dedicating this article as a birthday card for our beautiful Diana. Read what your fellow Lomo friends have wished the Diana for her birthday. Or comment to add a birthday wish for her!

Credits: nocturnal

“I like the Diana F+ because: it is so small, but it captures so much beauty. Happy Birthday to Diana F+” -abigail0605

“After many years of photography, I finally found you, Diana — the camera which tells to story with the visual language I always wanted to use. You have changed my life for the better :).” -trychydts

“Happy 5th birthday dearest Diana, I first bought/met you 5 years ago and I remember saving up money from my first job to purchase you. You will always remind me of the first summer we had. You captured all the memories of my friends and I. We went to the beach and with your unpredictable nature I was able to get the most unique shots. It was fun dressing you in different lens. My rolls of negatives seems to be exponentially growing. Hope you bring me more joy in the future. Love from your best friend, Viv " -scarcasm

“Happy Birthday Diana F+ You are my first lomography camera and lead me into the lomo world;-) " -waynexiao

“Happy birthday Diana F+, we have had many great adventures together and I am planning many more to come, your feisty attitude and dreamy results are always there to cheer me up. " -wraithsound

“Dear Diana: Time Has Passed, We Have Changed, We Have Learned, ==But Your Are Still My Favorite One==” -guanatos

Happy Birthday Diana F+! Thank you for dazzling us with your multitude of talents and brilliant photos for 5 memorable years. We have some irresistible deals to celebrate this great event. Head to the Online Shop or Lomography Gallery Stores until September 17th and make the most of our special offers

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  1. webo29
  2. guanatos
    guanatos ·

    wow thanks to all the Lomography team for such a great camera ;)

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