La Sardina Nuri: Perfect for Sardine Fans!

2012-11-02 1

As you may have already heard, Lomography and the NURI brand, famous for their Portuguese spiced sardines in a can, has launched a joint product, the La Sardina Nuri! These two products were really meant to complement each other: they have both convinced thousands of fans of their exquisite fishiness!

When it comes to NURI sardines, you can get either them in “classic sharp” pure vegetable oil or spicy tomato sauce. Sardine connoisseurs appreciate the authentic taste of these sardines that are made in a traditional factory in Portugal. In the same way, La Sardina has swept Lomographers all over the world off their feet. Its sweet design combined with super easy handling make La Sardina the perfect every day camera that captures wide angle pictures wherever and whenever you want.

The Sardina Nuri is a collaboration that celebrates Lomography’s 20th anniversary and Nuri’s 120th birthday, the Le Sardina Nuri. These two brands, which have their share of loyal customerswanted to give both fans something special, a joint product: the La Sardina Nuri!

Credits: miaumiau-wildekatze

Did you live off on sardines in your university years? Or perhaps you’re still a big fan of these tasty sardines! Some people eat it straight from the can, some eat it with salad, and some eat it with a nice bowl of steamed rice. Which ever way you eat your sardines, if your a fan you will definitely love the La Sardina Nuri camera. Everything about this camera will remind you of those yummy sardines you had for dinner.

Do you want to have your own La Sardina Nuri camera? Then enter our very tight sardine rumble! Have fun and good luck!

Do you live in Austria? Participate in the ‘Wie Sardinen in der Nuri Dose’ Rumble.
If you’re living somewhere else other than Austria, enter the Packed in like Nuri Sardines Rumble.

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  1. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    Oh! Every one of us Portuguese lomographers should have one of this! A Lomography camera that says "Product of Portugal", ahahah, cool! :)

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