La Sardina Nuri: The Camera for Sardine Fans!


This is it! Sardine fans, get yourself ready for this awesome joint product launch. This is the day that both sardine fans and La Sardina fans get together and celebrate. Please welcome the newest edition of the La Sardina family, the La Sardina Nuri camera! The first real sardines tin that made it to a La Sardina camera!

The products made for each other are finally united. The La Sardina camera and the spiced Nuri sardines have come together to become a hot and tasty product: the La Sardina Nuri camera! This camera has every La Sardina feature including Fritz the Blitz, our most sophisticated flash. Everything on the outer cover, however, will remind all of us of the iconic Nuri tin, including its durable brass and its elegant design.

Like the Nuri tin, the camera has the red piri-piris on the yellow background with the elegant green Nuri lettering.

It has only been a year since the La Sardina was introduced, but this camera has already made itself thousands of fans! With its tempting curves and ease of use, the La Sardina is the perfect everyday camera!

The La Sardina Nuri camera will only be available to buy online.

Do you want to have your own La Sardina Nuri camera? Then enter our very tight sardine rumble!

Do you live in Austria? Participate in the ‘Wie Sardinen in der Nuri Dose’ Rumble. If you’re living somewhere else other than Austria, enter the Packed in like Nuri Sardines Rumble.

written by ilkadj on 2012-10-18 #news #camera #analogue-cameras #new-product #la-sardina-nuri-launch

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