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Stickyline is a team whose designs varies between 2D and 3D, and is well versed in “deconstruction” and “restructure” themes. Recently, it magnified the sardine can idea and created a lively big fish “Blue Sardina” for the La Sardina Wardrobe exhibition which started on 7th September.

1. Firstly, please introduce the theme of your La Sardina DIY. What are the thoughts behind your creation?
Its name is BLUE SARDINA — The creative idea is that one opens the all white La Sardina DIY Edition,and releases the sardines that had been trapped inside the tin can, allowing them to find back their soul and bodies, and return to the sea.

2. Where do you derive your design inspirations from?
We derive our inspirations from real life people and issues, from reading the stories in details, understanding their principles and reconstruct them into unique creations.

Take BLUE SARDINA for example,the name La Sardina makes us suddenly fall in love with sardines. To understand/admire their beauty; body, ratio, color. Using paper as a media, add in geometry, adjust some details and it is born.


We all love this Blue Sardina very much!

3. If you are to give this to your favorite artist/designer, who will that be?Why(You may choose anyone dead or alive)?
We hope to give it to designers Zhou Sheng,Huang Kun Yi;We would like to thank them for helping STICKYLINE's creative journey.

4. Can you share some creative tips with DIY newbies?
Add the concept you like to the things you like, you need to create something you love, or it will lose its meaning. On the technical front, need to consider all possibilities and constraints, eliminate all unnecessary details. Think, practise, think again, and practise again.

5. Where or who would you like to capture with your La Sardina DIY be anything real or virtual)?
I hope to bring Blue Sardina, dive into the deep oceans and swim amongst thousands of sardine, and capture the moment of shock and awe of being in the midst of action.

Thank you for accepting Lomography Magazine’s Interview

If you would like to see STICKYLINE's La Sardina in person,please come to the Opening Party on 7th Sep (Fri)。Or you can look at their works on their Official webpageFacebook Page!

La Sardina Wardrobe Exhibition

La Sardina Wardrobe Exhibition Opening Party

White color lets your imagination run wild, to emphasize the uniqueness ofLa Sardina DIYLomography invited 11 local famous or up and coming creative artists to customize 11 unique La Sardina DIY specially for this exhibition… more information will be announced on our Facebook and Online Magazine ,do keep a look out for it。

  • Date:7th September, 2012
  • Time:20:00
  • Location:Lomography Gallery Store Sheung Wan
  • Free Entry

《I want to participate!》

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