Celebrating the Best of 2 Tasty Sardines!


We have two things to celebrate this October. One of them, you are probably familiar with, is Lomography’s 20th anniversary. The other one is Nuri’s anniversary. That’s right, the importer of Austria’s most popular sardines in a can brand is having its 120th birthday. And, of course, we just have to do something cool to celebrate these two anniversaries, as we are both truly big sardine fans!

To celebrate both anniversaries, we have decided to create a new joint product: the La Sardina Nuri camera! All the fans will now be able to enjoy those two fishy sardines in one tasty camera anywhere and everywhere they go.

Credits: fafascinado

The new La Sardina Nuri camera will be launched sometime mid October, so you still have to wait a couple more days before you can hold this beautiful camera in your own hands! To help you with the waiting, we have come up with a nice sardine-themed rumble, where you can win a La Sardina Nuri camera!

Credits: megustastu

Do you want to have your own La Sardina Nuri camera? Then enter our very tight sardine rumble! Have fun and good luck!

Do you live in Austria? Participate in the ‘Wie Sardinen in der Nuri Dose’ Rumble.
If you’re living somewhere else other than Austria, enter the Packed in like Nuri Sardines Rumble.

written by ilkadj on 2012-10-01 #news #camera #analogue-cameras #new-product #la-sardina-nuri-launch

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