La Sardina Wardrobe Artist - Maria Tang and her La Sardina DIY


It’s only 9 more days to the La Sardina Wardrobe Exhibition;and we had just received the 11 artist designed La Sardina DIY. The first to be showcased is the one created by Maria…

Maria Tang

1. Firstly, please introduce the theme of your La Sardina DIY. What are the thoughts behind your creation?
Theme:Style practise
Thoughts:To transform the camera into a canvas to practise my style.

2. Where do you derive your design inspirations from?
When the soul is shriveled, it will seek nutrients from art works.

Recently, I saw my favorite Dali exhibition in Taipei. I can see the life and creativity of an artist from their works, I am curious as to what’s inside their minds. It took me awhile to decide to transform the camera into a piece of canvas.

When I was young, I learned painting through imitation. Slowly, I began to discover what I like to paint, and what I can paint; I found out that many friends who are into Analogue Cameras started out with failure,there could only be 4 usable shots in a roll, it dawned on me that photography can also be a form of style practise. Hence, when I paint, I will imitate the style of Monet, treat the camera as a canvas and began my style practise.

Maria Tang'sLa Sardina DIY works

3. If you are to give this to your favorite artist/designer, who will that be?Why(You may choose anyone dead or alive)?
Can I give it to Monet? I would like to tell him that I never like any lotus pond, except for those in his paintings.

4. Can you share some creative tips with DIY newbies?
Don’t treat it as a camera, it is whatever you say it is. Forget those buttons and labels, just keep the lens well protected.

5. Where or who would you like to capture with your La Sardina DIY be anything real or virtual)?
I hope I can bring it on my travels and snap photos of children and animals I happen to meet.

La Sardina Wardrobe Exhibition

La Sardina Wardrobe Exhibition Opening Party

White color lets your imagination run wild, to emphasize the uniqueness ofLa Sardina DIYLomography invited 11 local famous or up and coming creative artists to customize 11 unique La Sardina DIY specially for this exhibition… more information will be announced on our Facebook and Online Magazine ,do keep a look out for it。

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