La Sardina Wardrobe Artist - Wendy Lau and her La Sardina DIY

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Wendy Lau loves to create with leather and has her own label (UUendy) at a young age. She has an intimate relationship with animals and her works alway bring joyous feelings to people! Let’s look at her La Sardina DIY and the sources of her creativity.

Wendy and her leather works。 | Photos

1. Firstly, please introduce the theme of your La Sardina DIY. What are the thoughts behind your creation?
I turned La Sardina DIY into La Zebra,injecting elements of the zebra into this camera. The head is the flash cover and the tail can be used as a handstrap. The legs can be fitted over a camera tripod; and the aesthetic body design and fur adds more layer and feel when one is shooting it.

I wanted to turn it into an animal form the start because I felt that the L shape of the camera looks like an animal’s neck and body. The next step is “what animal?”, I thought of elk but it is not easy to create the antlers and it is inconvenient to store; or Alpaca, but the ratio of the neck is wrong; lastly, I settled on a zebra as it is the first animal used for my first collection, and the body parts have the right proportion. Lastly, added on some minor details such as tail or neck strap etc, and created the La Zebra.

2. Where do you derive your design inspirations from?
All my collections have a theme, related to the things I love,my memories or my thoughts. After which I will let my imagination run wild and add in different inspirations into the series of designs, to attenuate my brand and style. My inspirations come from various items around me, fashion/food/housing/transport, anything goes, and then there will be a “Eureka” moment when you know everything falls into place. And I put them into the appropriate collection. This is how my inspirations come about, sudden and exciting.

Wendy's La Sardina DIY creations

3. If you are to give this to your favorite artist/designer, who will that be?Why(You may choose anyone dead or alive)?
I would lke to give it to Japanese designer Issey Miyake 。I had always admired his works,his designs look simple but are thought provoking, there are a lot of emphasis on details and I love the way he uses the lines. I hope one day he will be inspired by La Zebra and design a new fashion collection, to give me a chance to see Lomographers wearing the maestro’s cloths and taking photos with the DIY camera.

4. Can you share some creative tips with DIY newbies?
I would suggest that one first analyse one’s creative direction or techniques and perform reasearch from books or websites. Understand the required process and tools, all of which will be helpful for the DIY. The creative process begins with a draft in the mind, and the next step would be to experiment and materialize it. It has to be done personally, and a lot of times, the end product differs from the concept. Next, try to understand the failure of the prototype and improve on it, leading to a satisfactory end product.

5. Where or who would you like to capture with your La Sardina DIY be anything real or virtual)?
I hope to strap me zebra and shoot the first reactions of people who saw me with my La Zebra。

Thank you for accepting Lomography Magazine’s Interview

If you would like to see Wendy’s La Sardina in person,please come to the Opening Party on 7th Sep (Fri)。Or you can look at UUendy’s works on her Official webpageFacebook Page

La Sardina Wardrobe Exhibition

La Sardina Wardrobe Exhibition Opening Party

White color lets your imagination run wild, to emphasize the uniqueness ofLa Sardina DIYLomography invited 11 local famous or up and coming creative artists to customize 11 unique La Sardina DIY specially for this exhibition… more information will be announced on our Facebook and Online Magazine ,do keep a look out for it。

  • Date:7th September, 2012
  • Time:20:00
  • Location:Lomography Gallery Store Sheung Wan
  • Free Entry

《I want to participate!》

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