La Sardina Wardrobe Artist — Stella So's La Sardina DIY


Stella So, from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design, always has done her work with very rich local colours. She creates hand-drawn animation to bring back the fading scenes in Hong Kong. We could see a strong style of hers just by looking at the La Sardina DIY that was designed by her.

Stella So ’s illustration artworks | Photo originated from

1. Why were you interested in this La Sardina Wardrobe Project at the beginning?
It’s so white that I must draw something on it.

2. What was your first impression of the La Sardina DIY ?
White fish.

3. What’s your initial idea of designing this La Sardina ?
The relationship in between sardine fish and myself.

Stellaso ’s La Sardina DIY artwork

*4. What message are you hoping to bring out from your La Sardina DIY artwork? *
Never forgetting drawing even when photographing.

5. Would you mind to share some tips or thoughts with all the DIY newbies?
Don’t have to be so perfect, it’s even better to use old resources found at home!

I always try here and there to solve the puzzle in my mind, sometimes it gets worse and i get really down, but it’s also then that I learn a better way to improve! So just be brave and do it.

Thanks for completing this interview with us on Lomography magazine

La Sardina Wardrobe Exhibition

La Sardina Wardrobe Exhibition Opening Party

White offers infinite imagination, in order to showcase the special characteristic of La Sardina DIY, Lomography has recently invited 11 units of local well-known and new comers of creation teams to design 11 different styles of this all-white La Sardina DIY . More artworks would be shown on our Facebook and Online Magazine , remember to watch us out continuously!

  • Date:September 7, 2012
  • Time:20:00
  • Venue:Lomography Gallery Store Sheung Wan
  • Free Entry

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