La Sardina Wardrobe Artist - Cowrice and their La Sardina DIY


Besides being a local creative group, Cowrice is also a heartwarming family! It was founded by Philip Lau and Grace Kwok in 2003,and the daughter automatically became part of the team after she was born in 2007! They are very interested in leather, illustrations, and photography. Does the La Sardina designed by them emit a tinge of family warmth?

Crowrice and their works。 | Photo Source

1. Firstly, please introduce the theme of your La Sardina DIY. What are the thoughts behind your creation?
The most sincere love between father and daughter. Father patting daughter on her head and snap a genuine photo of her. Even the gaze of the daughter upon her dad is natural.

2. Where do you derive your design inspirations from?

3. If you are to give this to your favorite artist/designer, who will that be?Why(You may choose anyone dead or alive)?
Ourselves。We are all narcissistic.

4. Can you share some creative tips with DIY nwbies?
Listen to your heart。Look at things in the world with a simple heart, without prejudice.

5. Where or who would you like to capture with your La Sardina DIY be anything real or virtual)?
We will take photos of our daughter at home.

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If you would like to see Cowrice’s La Sardina in person,please come to the Opening Party on 7th Sep (Fri)。Or you can look at their works on their Official webpageFacebook Page

La Sardina Wardrobe Exhibition

La Sardina Wardrobe Exhibition Opening Party

White color lets your imagination run wild, to emphasize the uniqueness ofLa Sardina DIYLomography invited 11 local famous or up and coming creative artists to customize 11 unique La Sardina DIY specially for this exhibition… more information will be announced on our Facebook and Online Magazine ,do keep a look out for it。

  • Date:7th September, 2012
  • Time:20:00
  • Location:Lomography Gallery Store Sheung Wan
  • Free Entry

《I want to participate!》

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